“La Dolce Vita!” Life is Sweet in Downtown Palm Springs Designing New Gelato Granucci Store – Part 1

Dezine Bytes – Interior Design Tips By Christina Higuchi, Designer/Owner, DEZINE REFINED – Interior Design For Good Living TM
October 1, 2018
Granucci Gelato coming soon to downtown Palm Springs

“La Dolce Vita!” Life is Sweet in Downtown Palm Springs Designing New Gelato Store – Part 1

The above quote inspires us to enjoy and be grateful for the good things in life… like enjoying the most delicious gelato ever on a hot desert evening in downtown Palm Springs!

We are setting the stage, inside and out, for the new Ganucci Gelato Store coming soon!

The space needs to be cool, inviting, classic and upscale like the gelato that will be served there!

Assessing the needs and wants of the owners, the budget, size of the space, and how to best create a wonderful environment that enhances the customers’ experience of enjoying gelato and facilitates an effective work space for the creators and staff to work all go into consideration and development of the design.






Signage will offer an inviting appeal into an absolutely delicious space.










Images of the store space before renovation and the proposed floor plan for the new build-out.


















Color Palette is based on the Gelato Granucci logo and business card.





Design concepts.


















We are almost finished and ready to enjoy some gelato!   More to come in Part 2 of “La Dolce Vita” Life is Sweet in Downtown Palm Springs – Gelato Granucci Grand Opening December 2018!  https://gelatogranucci.com/

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