Introducing… Dezine Bytes  

Dezine Bytes – Interior Design Tips

By Christina Higuchi, Designer/Owner, DEZINE REFINED – Interior Design For Good Living

February 1, 2018

Introducing… Dezine Bytes

Simply, Dezine Bytes is a new source for professional, practical, easy to implement, interior design tips for good living!

Our goal is to provide greater accessibility to professional interior design services to help develop your design style and create your ultimate living space!”

Your home should be your sanctuary. Your place of total comfort and security. Whether it be a need for small home space solutions, which may include dual or multi-use rooms, creating versatility, while keeping the rhythm and repetition of the design flowing throughout the home or whether it’s just furnishings, lighting, flooring or paint colors, or maybe help looking for and finding just the right chair, we can help.

Designing is a creative adventure in making the best design choices for how you live, work and play today and what you may envision for tomorrow.

We hope Dezine Bytes will stimulate your design creativity!

Here’s to Interior Design For Good Living!  


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