Lighting… it’s so inviting!

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By Christina Higuchi, Designer/Owner, DEZINE REFINED – Interior Design For Good LivingTM

March 1, 2018

Lighting… it’s so inviting!

Lighting… it’s so inviting! Our environments can ‘light up’ with a variety of visual enhancements and in so many ways.

Lighting is the ‘welcoming’ factor in a home, creating warm and friendly spaces in addition to lighting requirements for daily activities and needs.

With lighting, “Where do we start?”  We think we may know enough about light bulbs, the lumens vs. watts, warm and cool lighting, fluorescent, incandescent, LED, solar and more. Oh… and… do we really know what type of lighting is required for a space or activity, and, what ceiling fans will work best, and, where to add dimmers?  Below is a breakdown of the most common types of lighting:

*Ambient or General Lighting – recessed or surface mounted on ceiling or cove (light is hidden, adding light toward the ceiling)

*Task Lighting – pendant, track lighting, floor and table lamps, closet lighting

*Accent Lighting – chandelier, sconce, soffit, track lighting, strip lighting, cabinet lighting

*Decorative Lighting – a unique style, shape, color and finish, back-lit mirrors, dressing mirrors

There are seemingly endless choices for lighting, however, what will work best and how it will affect the interior, exterior and us… is a challenge. An interior designer can assist with offering images and concepts inspired by your life style, focusing on key elements: type, style, shape, size, finish and quantity and to collaborate with an electrician to offer you the best professional service possible for all phases of lighting.

The visual side of selecting lighting is not only about the type and style, it also sets off an emotion which creates a mood, a reaction, an impression. The ‘finish and shape’ of a light fixture is a form of art on its own: a sheen, a sparkle, a texture, a sculpture. The artist’s designs are innovative and inspirational; they are craftsmen who express proportion and technique to bring a distinctive lighting experience into our lives.

It’s easy to forget the ‘process’ behind the final result. That is where the designer comes in, working with you behind the scenes to create and produce a visual beyond your expectations.

Here’s to Interior Design For Good Living!  


Christina Higuchi is Interior Designer/Owner at Dezine Refined – Interior Design For Good Living in beautiful La Quinta, California. “Dezine Bytes” and “Interior Design For Good Living” are Dezine Refined Trademarks ©2018 Christina Higuchi, Dezine Refined. All Rights Reserved.