Spring – time to begin the planning of your outdoor entertaining!

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By Christina Higuchi, Designer/Owner, DEZINE REFINED – Interior Design For Good LivingTM

April 1, 2018

Spring – time to begin the planning of our outdoor entertaining!

“In the season Spring, the garden is a feast of blossom.” – quoted by Pretty Inspiration

The above quote inspires us for something new and trendy and since the meaning of Spring is ‘to open’ – we can delight in opening up our homes to family and friends to share the enjoyment of the abundant blooming of flowers and trees and begin the planning of our outdoor entertaining, day or night, casual or formal.

Assess the needs and wants based on your budget, size of your backyard and patio area and most importantly, prioritize. The upgrades do not have to be completed all at once. Similar to a flower, the exterior design is a process, a transformation, beginning with the entrance to the outdoor, offering an inviting appeal to the patio and backyard for all to enjoy.

The visual checklist may look something like this… hardscape: concrete, stone pavers, porcelain tile, rocks, pebbles and water elements. Add color and texture with flowers, plants, trees including striking pots and planters along with landscape lighting and sconces for ambiance. 

We look at possibly upgrading the door leading to the patio with a new glass panel door, sliding or French doors; new gates. Maybe a patio cover, awnings and umbrellas in many styles and colors. A new or upgraded pool, spa and deck. Exterior furnishings can include a built-in or modular kitchen, bar and BBQ and cozy conversation areas with a fire pit and/or fireplace.

Upgrading to comfortable lounge chairs and sofas for those special seating areas, including coffee, side and outside dining tables. Don’t forget to allow for folding or expandable tables and stackable chairs to accommodate larger crowds and are easy to store away. Add a TV monitor for sports and gaming.

Set the scene for any style for any event. Fresh cut flowers for fragrance, decorative pillows for color, add mood lighting with lanterns, candles, torches, string lighting and more. Create a quiet space for reading, music and relaxation. White cushions with white floral arrangements adds romance to those special evening gatherings… your guests won’t want to leave.

Creation is the anticipation of something new.  The patio can be the perfect place to let your ideas flow and to be inspired.

Dezine Refined is here to assist at any level of service you require.

Here’s to Interior Design For Good Living!


Christina Higuchi is Interior Designer/Owner at Dezine Refined – Interior Design For Good Living in beautiful La Quinta, California.
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